Chemical & Food Processing

Material handling and motion control products with special design features for sterile environments, when keeping it clean is a top priority.


The chemical and food processing industries often require a clean working environment where contamination can potentially be catastrophic. At Columbus McKinnon, we’ve developed a range of hoists and motion control products designed to meet the needs of both chemical and food processing plants.

With options such as stainless steel chains and hooks, FDA-approved finishes, and specialized chain lubricants, our food-grade hoists and rigging products combine maximum versatility with cleanliness. Whether you're moving storage containers or repairing production equipment, our products help move and lift your goods while ensuring a clean and sanitary environment.

We also provide complete control systems used in food and chemical production. By automating processes, these systems can help limit contamination, ensure consistent quality, reduce waste, and increase efficiency and control. Also, our linear actuators play a pivotal role in helping ensure the systematic and orderly working of machines in production processes. 

In facilities where acids, lyes and chemical compounds are handled, we also offer explosion-proof STAHL CraneSystems' brand chain hoists, wire rope hoists and winches. 

From cleanrooms to food packaging plants, Columbus McKinnon products can help.

Worldwide proven worm gear screw jack series SHE-S by Pfaff-silberblau now also in “stainless” design

Reliable and safe performance is essential also in lifting applications for outdoor use as well as in aggressive and hygienically critical environmental conditions. Columbus McKinnon Engineered Products GmbH, Kissing (Germany), has extended its versatile SHE series of the Pfaff-silberblau brand with a “stainless” option.

With its innovative new design and featuring fully rust-proof components, the SHE-S series meets exacting of requirements in terms of corrosion protection and cleanability with its corrosion-resistant design. Also thanks to its cost-effective construction, the SHE-S “stainless” series by Pfaff-silberblau is attracting more and more customers, particularly from the food processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, paper industry, petrol industry as well as from steel hydraulics construction.


Conveyor and Accumulation Solutions Engineered for Fast and Effective Sanitation

With growing consumer demand for new products, food processors and manufacturers are under constant pressure to increase throughput. At the same time, strict regulation brings safety to the forefront of all processing initiatives. With a focus on sanitary design and first in, first out product flow, our accumulation tables and conveyors help processors reach their production goals without sacrificing safety.
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Dorner’s world-class food handling and processing conveyors are highly sanitary and built to operate at fast speeds. These conveyors have earned a stellar track record in helping businesses maximize their efficiency and productivity levels in achieving their full potential. If your business requires custom food processing equipment, Dorner is uniquely positioned to develop specially made conveyors that meet our customers’ vision for enhanced workflow.
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An indispensable component to efficient high-speed conveyance is, of course, accumulators. We are proud to partner with Garvey to provide top-of-the-line accumulators that meet customer needs. Garvey’s 3D Infinity Accumulator combined with Dorner’s customizable conveyors solves these problems by helping processors simultaneously orient and single-file product into multiple lanes at high speeds.
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Duff-Norton Products Help Solve Beverage Production Challenge

Meeting the demand for a variety of bottle sizes to fit the vast array of packaged soft drinks and bottled waters can place an extreme challenge on bottlers to quickly change from one package size to another. To address this challenge, a beverage product facility relied on Duff-Norton screw jacks to modify its feeder system to accommodate different sized plastic bottles.

Bottling Plant Duff-Norton Application

Chemical and Food Processing Case Studies

Browse all of our Chemical and Food Processing case studies from a bottled beverage conveying system at Coca-Cola to an automated mill roll handling system solution. 


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