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Budgit Hoists provide power and durability for a wide range of special applications. Solutions for wind tower applications, corrosion-resistant applications, spark-resistant applications, food-grade applications, and explosion-proof environments

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Budgit's portfolio of compact, lightweight hoists are built to withstand the rigors of heavy service and repeated lifting cycles. Budgit hoists are easy to service, require minimal maintenance, and offer excellent headroom.

About Budgit Hoists

About Budgit Hoist

Since 1935, Budgit® has led the industry in innovation, quality, and dependability. Designed with versatility in mind, Budgit Hoists provide power and durability for a diverse range of special, heavy-duty applications.

Food grade hoists, spark-resistant models, and explosion-proof units provide secure lifts in sensitive areas. Low headroom hoist/trolley combinations are used extensively in areas where space is at a premium, and a complete line of bridge kits and related components provide effortless movement above the shop floor.

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