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Getting Linemen Home Safe

Efficiency and Ergonomics for Safe Utility Work

For line workers serving the utility industry, the Little Mule line of strap hoists, cable pullers, and wire grips means superior craftsmanship and long life. Lightweight and durable cable hoists provide positive load holding in all environments and feature capacities up to two tons. Strap hoists featuring extra-large superior grade webbing with models containing hot sticks rings on all hooks, control surfaces and quick disconnect shaft available. Popular wire grips may be used on a wide range of wire size and gauge, thus reducing inventory requirements needed for the job.

Safety at the Forefront

You keep our world moving, we'll keep you safe. Long hours, stressful jobs, and high-risk environments require the highest quality products built for safety.

Designed specifically for lineworkers and utility applications, Little Mule constantly innovates for safety and ease of use. Little Mule delivers products utility workers and their families can depend on.

Below the Hook

Below the Hook

Manual Hoists

Manual Hoists

Little Mule Lineman's 344 and 322 Product Feature

Little Mule Lineman's Strap Hoist

The Little Mule Lineman’s Strap Hoist is high quality and dependable, making it one of the favorites of linemen across the nation. This strap hoist is designed for rugged use with dependability in mind.

4 Steps to Select the Right Wire Grip for Your Application

When working with wire in utility applications, safety is of utmost importance. That’s why it’s critical to choose the correct wire grip for the task at hand. our professional trainers review four steps to help you choose the best grip for your application.

LittleMule-WireGrip-LMG 4600_HR
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Every Columbus McKinnon product is engineered to help our customers work smarter, while improving the safety, uptime, and productivity of their operations. Our innovative, intelligent solutions combine equipment used to lift and move materials with industry-leading control and automation technology.


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