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Columbus McKinnon Releases Next Generation of Magnetek-Brand IMPULSE• Series 5 Variable Frequency Drives with Added Safety Technology

IMPULSE• G+/VG+ Series 5 VFDs Now Offer More Standard Safety and Performance Features

Manufacturing | Power & Motion Technology | By Columbus McKinnon | Jan 08, 2024

Columbus McKinnon’s next generation of digital power and motion control technology, new Magnetek® brand IMPULSE®·G+/VG+ Series 5 Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), are now available. With decades of experience in digital power and motion control solutions, we provide the most technologically advanced solutions and best-in-class application support. And now, equipped with added built-in features, IMPULSE Series 5 Variable Frequency Drives provide customizable software, functions for safety, reliability, and productivity, and a user-friendly interface as standard.

Built-In Safety Functions
Every new IMPULSE·G+/VG+ Series 5 Variable Frequency Drive comes standard with sway control and collision avoidance technology, which helps increase productivity and reduce the potential for injuries and equipment damage during crane or hoist operation. “By including sway control and other new features as standard, we’re ensuring that users have access to the safest, most efficient variable frequency drives that meet rising customer expectations for solutions with built-in intelligence,” said Michael Carpenter, global product manager for automation and controls. “IMPULSE·G+/VG+ Series 5 Variable Frequency Drives include more of these features, providing our customers with an industry-leading foundation for overhead cranes and hoist systems.”


Enhanced Productivity
Using a new built-in USB port, operators can directly connect these crane drives to a PC to configure and adjust parameters, enabling easier and faster setup and adjustments. Plus, these variable frequency drives can be quickly and safely commissioned using 24 VDC voltage, decreasing the time and costs associated with inspecting, testing, and configuring these crane drives in potentially hazardous environments.


Easy Maintenance
A new high-resolution keypad makes accessing and reading diagnostic information more intuitive. Parameter menus have been restructured to ensure users have access to settings that best match their application needs without having to navigate through non-essentials. And, with new date and time stamps, fault events can be quickly identified so corrective actions can be taken and equipment returned to operation faster.


Easy to integrate with other Magnetek-brand diagnostic support tools, automation solutions, radio remote controls, and more, these VFDs provide efficient operation, improved facility connectivity, and enhanced safety benefits for overhead crane and hoist applications worldwide.

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