Pont roulant posé bipoutre

Déplacement sûr et précis de grandes charges encombrantes jusqu’à 250 tonnes.


High achiever in the heavy lifting field

With a lifting capacity of up to 250,000 kg and standard spans of up to 40 m, the double girder overhead travelling crane makes it possible to handle unwieldy loads safely and precisely. It is adapted to planned or existing buildings by means of various special installation alternatives. Numerous additional options are available to increase productivity and safety in day-to-day use.

Competent local partners, many of whom are certified, plan, produce and install double girder overhead travelling cranes with high-quality technology from STAHL CraneSystems. You can find the right contact on our contacts page.

  • Flexible, adaptable through different installation variants
  • Low-maintenance, low-noise direct drive with disc brake and centrifugal mass
  • Smooth starting and braking characteristics: with frequency inverter as an option
  • Explosion-proof versions or off-standard solutions through engineering
  • Worldwide network of certified partners, crane manufacturers and system builders

Pont roulant posé bipoutre à commande magnétique et traverse magnétique pour soulever des tôles de fer pesant jusqu’à 25 tonnes.


Un pont roulant automatique équipé d’un grappin pour matériaux en vrac prélève le matériau combustible et le transporte dans diverses parties d’une centrale thermique à la biomasse.


Différents équipements, ici une cabine de grue, renforcent la productivité et la sécurité lors de l’utilisation d’un pont roulant posé bipoutre.