YaleERGO360 9t
YaleERGO360 9t

YaleERGO 360 Ratchet lever hoist

YaleERGO360 9t
YaleERGO360 9t

Capacity 750 - 9000 kg
Redefining lever-operated hoists, the YaleERGO 360 ® features the revolutionary crank han­dle that allows for efficient operation in both lifting and pulling applications.
Ergonomically designed for increased safety, the patented YaleERGO 360 ® lets the operator work up to 12 times faster and with as much as 30 % less pull force than with conventional ratchet lever tools.

Features & Benefits

• The lightweight, high-strength aluminium housing with powder coating and high-quality bearings offer a long service life even with intensive use and rough operating conditions.
• The hand lever with integrated snap crank ensures ideal power transmission and enables a 360° working range. This increases productivity and reduces the risk of injury.
• Display of the operating direction or free chaining in the viewing window of the hand lever.
• The covered load pressure brake remains free of dirt and moisture, which enables precise load positioning.
• Standard free chaining device to quickly attach the load or to pull the chain through the hoist in both directions.
• Chain guide and stripper are made of robust cast iron and zinc plated to protect against corrosion.
• Alloyed steel link chain with zinc-plated resp. yellow chromated finish, in accordance with national and international standards and regulations.
• Rotatable, forged top and load hooks and casted safety latches provide reliable and safe load suspension. The screwed top hook cross bars and bottom blocks are allowed for easy maintenance.

• All YaleERGO 360 ® units can be equipped with an overload protection device in the form of a slip clutch which is factory preset to approx. 25 % ± 15 % overload.
• Shipyard hooks available for 1500 kg and 3000 kg units.