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90 years of experience to share with you!

Since its foundation in 1927, Duff-Norton Europe, previously known as Raccords Gautier, has worked to meet its customers’ needs as effectively as possible with its range of rotary unions and check valves. With 90 years of experience in design and manufacturing, Duff-Norton Europe is one of the world’s leading industrial manufacturers, and its products are recognized as the benchmark for first-rate quality across their associated markets. Today, Duff-Norton Europe is even more strongly committed to meeting its customers’ specific needs, and offers new ranges of rotary unions and check valves designed for a variety of applications, such as cooling applications with the DWPA series, civil engineering and agricultural applications with the DNTP and DNCHP series, and various drainage applications with the DNHCand DNRF series. Part of the Columbus McKinnon Corporation (Nasdaq: CMCO), Duff-Norton Europe has all the necessary industrial and logistics resources and expertise to help you find the perfect rotary union or check valve solution for your requirements across the globe.

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