YaleLift LH ATEX Hand chain hoist with integrated push or geared type trolley (low headroom)

Capacity 500 - 10000 kg
The hand chain hoist model Yalelift LH with integrated low headroom manual trolley is the consequent further development of the Yalelift IT. Wherever an even smaller headroom is essential, the Yalelift LH is the ideal choice.

Features & Benefits

• The enclosed robust stamped steel housing protects all internal components even in the toughest conditions.
• The extremely low headroom allows maximum use of the lifting height.
• The revolutionary 360° rotating hand chain guide allows the operator to work from virtually any position, in confined spaces or above the load. The Yalelift can even be operated from the side of the load which also makes it possible to use the hoist for horizontal pulling or tensioning. Due to the additional flexibility, the operator is no longer forced to work in the danger zone near the load.
• The brake system is extremely quiet and guarantees operational safety and improved serviceability due to omission of the vulnerable ratchet pawls. All parts are made of high quality materials, additionally zinc-plated or yellow-chromated to increase corrosion prevention.
• Chain guide and gearbox are almost totally enclosed. Even under the toughest conditions the internal gearbox remains protected.
• The hardened load sheave with four precision machined pockets ensures accurate movement of the load chain.
• The surface protected zinc-plated alloy steel load chains fulfil all requirements of current national and international standards and regulations. They are matched perfectly to the load chain sheave and guarantee smooth and precise chain motion.
• Drop forged load and suspension hooks that yield under overload instead of breaking, are made of high tensile steel. The hooks are fitted with robust safety latches and rotate 360°.
•Explosion protected version with spark resistant coating.
• Copper-coated suspension and load hooks for MEDIUM design or higher.
• Stainless steel load chain for HIGH design.