Yale VHP and VHH Directional valves

Manually operated, 700 bar
These directional valves control the oil flow in combination with hydraulic power packs (YHH-4/3 with hand pumps).
All valves have 3 lever positions to control movement of the connected hydraulic cylinder:
1. left: cylinder advance.
middle: cylinder neutral (pressureless circuit).
3. right: cylinder retracts.

Features & Benefits

In the middle position (hold) the piston of the cylinder stops and the oil flow is guided in a circuit back to the reservoir (P to T). The valves can be flanged directly onto power packs but can also be connected by using hydraulic piping. In addition, all valves are equipped with a second pressure oil port P at the back of the valve base.

This port can easily be used to connect a pressure gauge and a pressure relief valve (e.g. VPR-1). The oil port T shall always be connected to the reservoir without any back pressure.