Yale YAP Hydraulic machine jacks

Capacity 4.5 - 50 t
Hydraulic machine jacks are designed for the safe lifting and positioning of machines and similar heavy equipment.

Features & Benefits

• These jacks are operated with external pumps, e.g. hand or motor pumps but also with synchronous power packs.
• The compact construction allows operation even in extremely confined areas.
• 3 hook-in positions of the lifting claw provide high flexibility (model YAP-5130 4 hook-in positions).
• The load can be lifted with either the lifting claw or with the head of the jack.
• Welded, distortion-proof steel construction.
• High quality, durable hydraulic components.
• The flat lifting claw allows low jacking heightSafe stability due to swivel-mounted support feet.
• The connection between jack and pump is made by a hydraulic hose.
• The jacks are delivered ready-to-use inclusive of carrying handles and coupling half.