Yale YPL Pull cylinders

Single-acting with spring return,
capacity max. 10 - 51 t
Pull cylinders are able to produce extremely high pulling forces and can be controlled precisely by the use of hand pumps or power packs. In neutral position pull cylinders are fully extended. As soon as the cylinders are pressurized the forged links are drawn together. A built-in return spring extends the piston again as soon as the pressure is released.
Shipbuilding, heavy-vessel construction, steel construction, civil engineering as well as general repair and maintenance applications.

Features & Benefits

• Yale ChroMo-Design.
• Operating pressure max. 700 bar.
• Single-acting with spring return.
• Can be operated in all positions (except model YPPS).
• Cylinder body and piston are made from solid chromium-molybdenum steel and heat-treated.
• Hard-chromium plated piston with replaceable, heat-treated saddle.
• Stop ring can bear full capacity (pressure) and is fitted with dirt wiper.
• Forged, replaceable links.
• With carrying handle and piston protection cover.
• Oil port thread 3/8 NPT.
• Incl. female coupler half model CFY-1.
• The pull cylinder YPPS-10/150 is equipped with an integrated hand pump similar to HPS-2/0,7 A.