Yale YFS flat cylinders

Single-acting with spring return,
capacity max. 10 - 100 t
Low-height cylinders are recommended for all lifting, pushing, levelling, pressing applications especially in tight working areas.
These very compact hydraulic cylinders are designed for lifting and positioning jobs as well as all general maintenance applications, where low height, portability and light weight are needed. These versatile cylinders are found in all industrial areas like steel mills, civil engineering, heavy construction industry, power plants, off-shore industries etc. Due to their short strokes flat cylinders should not be subjected to side loading.

Features & Benefits

• Yale ChroMo-Design.
• Operating pressure max. 700 bar.
• Single-acting with spring return.
• Low height for tight working areas.
• Cylinder body and piston are made from solid chromium-molybdenum steel and heat-treated.
• Stop ring can bear full capacity (pressure) and is fitted with dirt wiper.
• Oil port thread 3/8 NPT.
• Incl. female coupler half model CFY-1.
• YLS-100/55 with lifting rings, YFS-100/15 with carrying handle.