Yale PYE Electric hydraulic power packs

Electric hydraulic power packs model PYE and model PY
Single-stage and two-stage
Power packs are easy to operate as they are fully assembled and easy to control.
The use of power packs is always recommended when jobs have to be done in a time-saving and efficient way, when repeating jobs have to be finished off, quick cylinder cycles have to be achieved or if large oil volumes in connection with high-tonnage cylinders have to be transmitted.

Features & Benefits

Robust packs, also capable for contiuous applications.
Suitable for all jobs in workshops and on construction sites where hydraulic force is required; supplied ready to use.
On-off motor switch and 3 m motor connecting cable.
With carrying handles, oil level gauge, oil filler/reservoir ventilation plug.
Incl. pressure gauge GGY-631.
Two-stage displacement, which means a rapid advance without load, as well as an automatic switch into the 2. phase by a congruous load.
Low noise level due to standard motors with 1450 rpm.
Futher motor voltage and oil resevoirs on request.
With manual or solenoid operated directional valves.
Solenoid valves with 3 m remote control box (with 2 push-buttons) and pressure set valve as standard. Adjustable from 0-700 bar.
24 V - low voltage control includes a sturdy metal electric control box and ready to use set up.