Wire rope hoists AS Ex
Wire rope hoists AS Ex

AS 7 Ex Wire Rope Hoist

Wire rope hoists AS Ex
Wire rope hoists AS Ex

The AS Ex (explosion-protected) wire rope hoists and SHW 8 Ex winches rank among the safest technology found in multiple high-risk industries. Its compact design, high-performance features, and field-proven, low-maintenance components, make the AS Ex the go-to wire rope hoist for end-users, crane builders, and system manufacturers, globally.

Features & Benefits


  • Two designs for load capacities up to 125,000 kg.
  • Reduced-size ASR 7 for a safe working load range from 20,000 kg to 32,000 kg, with larger height of lift, standard with exact load measurement at the rope anchorage (entry-level model).
  • Innovative drive technology with cylindrical rotor motor with monodisc spring-loaded brake  Stationary version or double rail crab for systems and crane building.
  • Compact construction and low approach dimensions.
  • Higher load capacity, hoisting speed and lifting height as twin hoist.
  • Largely maintenance-free, low wear and long service life according to FEM/ISO standards.
  • Optionally available in explosion-protected design in compliance with ATEX/IECEx, NEC, CEC, INMETRO and TC RU certifications.



  • Various off-standard designs are available for use in particular conditions.
  • Even in explosive atmospheres you do not have to manage without the AS 7 wire rope hoist.
  • Wire rope hoists in the AS 7 series can be designed to meet the requirements for Zones 1, 2, 21 or 22 in accordance with ATEX/IECEx and Class I Division 2 in accordance with NEC and CEC.
  • Versions that comply with the standards of the organisations INMETRO and TC RU are also available.
  • It is not without reason that we are one of the market leaders in explosion-proof hoisting technology and crane components.