Pfaff HWH 2K / 2KS / KS Hydraulic car jacks - 2 pistons


HWH 2K PROLINE Hydraulic car jack - with 2 pistons

HWH 2KS PROLINE with 2 pistons and spindle

HWH KS PROLINE with piston and spindle
Capacity 2 - 30 t
For lifting vehicles on one side (the lifted load must be secured mechanically with supporting stands, for example).

Features & Benefits

• Versions with hydraulic piston and mechanical spindle drive resp. with two hydraulic pistons.
• With carrying bracket from load capacity 20 t.
• Extremely low design with model HWH 2K/D (incl. one pressure section for lift extension).
• With integrated pressure control valve for a longer service life of the jack.
• Integrated seat valve for controlled lowering of the load.