Elevated boom with optimal height, slewing range 180°
Lightweight, twist-free steel girder construction with low headroom. The boom is fitted with a bearing and a wall bracket for anchoring the crane to a concrete wall.
Mounting a jib crane to a wall, in combination with a festooned cable system, may lead to restrictions in the slewing range of the boom. This being the case, slew stoppers (buffers) should be fitted accordingly.

Features & Benefits

• Wall mounting, using threaded rods that go through the wall and that are bolted to the wall with counter plates and nuts.
• Pillar embracing with anchor bolts and wall bracket. Bracket plate max. 500 mm, anchor bolts (threaded rods) max. 1000 mm).
• Alternative mounting systems on request.

• Slew stoppers (buffers) can be fitted on building site for a pre-determined fixed slewing range.
• Slewing brake, to control the boom speed during slewing. Recommended for a boom length of more than 5 m or a headroom of more than 4 m. This prevents uncontrolled movement of the boom.
• Increased paint layer (120 µm) or hot-dip galvanisation for outdoor use.
• Manual locking device, to hold the boom in a fixed position (wind protection.
• Hoist cover for outdoor use.

Scope of delivery
• The electrical system is equipped with a lockable main switch, round cable power supply with cable support pipes for booms up to 4000 mm.
• From 4500 mm upwards, the boom is equipped with a festooned cable power supply. Due to cable sag on low cranes, we recommend the use of festooned cables even on short booms.
• Trolley stoppers at the front and at the back.
• Cranes are supplied with an operating manual and complete manufacturer‘s documentation.