Yale ST Hydraulic stage lifts

Capacity 50 - 100 t
For compact, low-headroom and universal applications. Stage lifts are hydraulic lifting devices which are designed to lift and lower loads over high distances.
Stage lifts overcome the usual limitations of their lifting height imposed by stroke length. Stage lifts operate with “double-acting“ hydraulic cylinders (return stroke by hydraulic pressure) and are equipped with a load spreading plate and a piston support plate.

Features & Benefits

A stage lift operates inverted and lifts the load via the bottom of the cylinder whilst it climbs on a pile of support bars (wood or aluminium). In principle, the load can be lifted to any height although stage lifts are still compact and versatile for low-headroom lifting applications.
The simple “3-step operation“ eliminates the need for additional holding arrangements and the repositioning or replacing of cylinders which are normally required for a higher lifting distance. A stage lift climbs up and down on its own.

Depending on the power pack, selected stage lifts can be controlled individually (by hand or motor pump) or together in a synchronized arrangement with multi-flow pumps.

• Yale ChroMo-Design.
• Low-cost lifting systems possible, (3-point resp. 4-point).
• Low weight (e.g. 60 kg for a 50 t unit).
• Stage lift body made from high-grade aluminium.
• Hydraulic cylinders are made from robust chromium-molybdenum steel with double bronze bearings ensure a longlife service system.
• Large-diameter tilt saddle.
• Incl. coupler halves, non-interchangeable on request.