CM® BatteryStar™: The Pinnacle of Portable Hoisting

The CM® BatteryStar™ Battery Powered Chain hoist built with industry-leading technology from Columbus McKinnon and Milwaukee Tool®. Designed for portability and easy installation, the BatteryStar can have you lifting in minutes – simply attach the hoist to an anchor point, slide in a battery, and you’re ready to go!

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CM® BatteryStar™ Battery Powered Chain Hoist Overview

Welcome to the future of lifting, where strength meets portability. Introducing the revolutionary CM BatteryStar Battery Powered Chain Hoist, brought to you by Columbus McKinnon.

Experience Power and Portability in Every Lift with Our Battery Powered Hoist

Do you need a lifting solution that combines the strength and speed of anCM_Hoist_Perspective_1.png electric chain hoist with portability of a manual hoist? The CM BatteryStar Battery Powered Chain Hoist is your answer. Featuring cutting-edge hoist technology from Columbus McKinnon and industry leading battery power from Milwaukee Tool® BatteryStar redefines portability and efficiency in lifting operations without the need for time-consuming manual operation or access to a power source.

Mastering Versatility Across Industries

The CM BatteryStar is not just any hoist; it's a versatile powerhouse designed for the unique demands of multiple industries:

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Features Tailored to Enhance Your Operations

In this video, we will show you how to pair your wireless remote control with the CM BatteryStar battery-powered chain hoist.

Watch this video to learn about the unique brake inspection windows on the CM BatteryStar battery-powered chain hoist that allow you to check for and remove brake dust buildup.

Did you know the CM BatteryStar can help increase operator efficiency as much as 4x compared to using a manual hoist? Watch the BatteryStar go head to head against a hand chain hoist and see the increased efficiency for yourself.

Performance and Safety in One Portable Hoist

Operator Safety

Load Security and Hoist Safety


Durability Meets Innovation in Our Portable Crane Hoist

Long-Lasting Design: Built to withstand harsh conditions, the BatteryStar features a rugged composite cover, a brushless DC motor, and a zinc-plated load chain, ready to meet the challenges of any environment.

Trusted High-Quality Battery: The M18™ Red Lithium Battery from Milwaukee Tool® not only powers your hoist but is also compatible with over 250 Milwaukee Tool® products. Its robust design ensures resilience against environmental challenges.

Redefining Lifting Operations with Our Portable Hoist

The CM®️ BatteryStar™️ signifies a significant advancement in portable lifting technology, delivering the strength and speed where and when you need it, from construction sites without power to busy automotive repair shops.

Elevate your operations with the CM BatteryStar. Contact us to explore how this innovative portable hoist can transform your work environment.

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