Quattro® AC Cube Elevator Drive

All-In-One Design Offers Energy Savings In A Smaller Package.

Features & Benefits

Don’t let the Quattro®’s small size fool you. The Quattro AC Cube is an integrated system and includes all the same components as a full-size Quattro, minus the full-size enclosure.
Quattro, the integrated regeneration drive designed to meet today’s growing demand for green building solutions, now comes in an evolutionary new compact package. Our latest Quattro AC Cube elevator drive provides the clean power, reliability, and performance found in the standard unit, but in 1/3 the space. The Quattro AC Cube now offers lower amp ratings for today’s ACPM and MRL needs. All drive components, regen, contactors, and fusing are integrated into this space saving package.

All-In-One Design
The all-in-one Quattro AC drive includes the same components as the standard Quattro unit. The Quattro drive includes motor contactors and input fusing combined into a single package for fully integrated regeneration, eliminating the need for multiple external modules and costs for panel mounting and component wiring. Quattro AC Cube's consolidated drive package simplifies ordering and installation.

Easy Setup
Setting up the Quattro is easy as 1, 2, 3. AC elevators operating worldwide utilize Magnetek’s familiar control interface for setup and configuring of the Quattro AC drive.

Integrated Regeneration
Quattro is a fully integrated, clean power drive that keeps harmonics low, meeting stringent clean building requirements, reducing costs even after installation. The Quattro AC also provides the benefit of near unity power factor, reducing utility demand charges.

Optional UPS
The Quattro Cube can be configured to accept emergency power from a single or three-phase Uninterruptable Power Supply or stand-by generator. Regenerative energy is diverted to resistors to reduce risk of negative interaction with backup power sources.

Voltage Boost Function
Quattro AC drive has a Voltage Boost feature for voltage compensation. This function supplies additional voltage to the motor during acceleration to ensure full motor torque, eliminating the need for a costly input transformer.


  • Regenerative Power Conversion for AC Motors
  • Clean Utility Side Harmonics (<8% THDI)
  • Multiple Input Voltage Ranges
    • 200-480 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Elevator Rated
    • 250% Overload
    • 45° C Ambient
  • CSA Certification (CE Pending)