HPV® 900 Series 2 - AC Elevator Drive

The HPV 900 Series 2 elevator drive continues the tradition of high performance, high overload capacity and long-life reliability.

Features & Benefits

It is designed for both new installations and modernization projects, and provides advanced closed-loop vector control for superior performance. The HPV 900 Series 2 offers the fastest,easiest set-up adjustment; fewest callbacks; and the lowest total lifetime cost. This cost-effective AC drive gives you accurate acceleration and deceleration resulting in smooth ride quality. Magnetek's proven technical expertise plus our superior customer service are why we're the world's leading source of innovative, built-to-last elevator drives.

Features / Benefits:

Designed and rated for the elevator applications

Bump-Free Takeoff with Pulsed Pre-Torque (PPT™ function) drive software

No oversizing needed

Designed with high overload capacity (250%)

An internal dynamic braking IGBT

Cooling fans run only when drive is in operation

Carrier frequency of 10KHZ without drive derating

Designed and tested to meet the elevator duty cycle

Isolated encoder signals

PPT Elevator FunctionElevator application software and parameters

Offering the ultimate performance features

Unique speed regulator for best ride quality and improved landing accuracy

Parameters are in elevator industry terminology

Bump-free takeoff with Patent Pending Pulsed Pre-Torque (PPT™ function) Technology

Ease of set-up

No need for mechanical disconnect to tune critical motor parameters

Parameter upload/download software

Drive calculates elevator system inertia

Configurable I/O channels (removable terminals)

Easy parameter changes via digital operator

Two parameter speed regulator tuning

PM Motor Operations

Incremental (standard) or EnDat (optional) encoder operation

Align encoder to motor without mechanical disconnect


RFI Filter to meet CE standards EN 12015:2004 and EN 12016:2004

Three-Phase AC Input Reactors to minimize drive nuisance tripping and faults

Three-Phase AC Harmonic Filter to minimize harmonic distortion

Dynamic Braking Resistors to dissipate DC Bus voltage during regeneration