Footbrake Static Stepless Simulation Software

Footbrake/Static Stepless Simulation software is designed for IMPULSE®•VG+ Series 4 drives used on traverse motions to provide an effective means to slow or stop the motion of the bridge or trolley.

Features & Benefits

Encoder feedback is used to determine bridge or trolley speed at all times, allowing the operator to smoothly re-initiate a run command to a coasting crane. This prevents “jerking” motions and slow responsiveness found with acceleration and deceleration ramp, and provides operators with ultimate control and the same “feel” they are used to when retrofitting existing static-type controls.

Improved torque control ensures a smooth transition from coasting to slowing down and is non-destructive to the controls or the crane itself. As more torque is applied, the crane will accelerate or decelerate faster. An optional input to the drive while the footbrake is applied prevents the motor from driving into the brake, saving wear and tear.

Apply this software to:

  • Cab controlled cranes
  • Hydraulic footbrakes
  • Static stepless retrofits
  • Braketronic®

The Static Stepless Simulation software:

  • Eliminates current spikes and excess mechanical torque/stress on the drive train, and allows quick but smooth starting or changing of direction
  • Reduces maintenance costs, with fewer moving parts that wear and require replacing, like contactor tips, brake pads, etc.
  • Provides higher reliability with digital technology
  • Improves diagnostics and troubleshooting of any fault and alarm conditions with the English keypad, fault history, DataLogger and IMPULSE•Link 4.1 for diagnostics and support tools
  • Interfaces to the “Induction Master” joystick with IVM Board, making a retrofit easy
  • Utilizes standard squirrel cage motor or existing wound rotor

Note: Because customers may not be familiar with programming application specific software of this nature, Magnetek strongly recommends and may in some cases require that the purchaser use Magnetek’s Field Service Personnel for initial startup as part of the purchase. Please consult factory for additional information.