The Chester Zephyr hoists are steel framed units built and tested to rigid specifications of quality and performance, to exceed industry standards. The Chester Zephyr is a thoroughly engineered hoist from every standpoint. Its simplicity of design makes it easy to service and maintain. Available in a hook type model, a clevis type model, an army type geared trolley model, an army type plain trolley model, a twin hook mount model, a low headroom trolley model and an extended handwheel model.

Features & Benefits

The Chester Zephyr is engineered for best-in-class performance. It is compact, lightweight and features low headroom, making it ideal for operation in tight quarters. It is also designed with ergonomics in mind, helping to lessen fatigue and increase operator efficiency. With a heavy-duty steel housing, the Zephyr has the durability needed for even the toughest lifting applications. It is shock resistant and virtually impervious to wear and tear in both normal and heavy-duty operating environments. It can also withstand extreme weather conditions, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor applications. Its simple design also makes it easy to service and maintain, ensuring reliable service and long life. Adaptable to a variety of industries, the Chester Zephyr is a versatile hoist for any material handling application.

See standard export document for packaging procedure.