Yale YBFYBF-L Spring balancers Picture
Yale YBFYBF-L Spring balancers Picture

YBF / YBF-L Spring balancers

Yale YBFYBF-L Spring balancers Picture
Yale YBFYBF-L Spring balancers Picture

Spring balancers model YBF
Capacity 0.5 - 200 kg
Spring balancers with extended rope length model YBF-L
Capacity 1.5 - 130 kg
Spring balancers are used to relieve the operator from the weight of hand-tools. By using a tapered rope drum the weight of the attached load is compensated, loads up to 200 kg can be moved effortlessly in vertical axis.

Features & Benefits

• Spring balancers model YBF are designed in accordance with DIN 15112.
• The housing is manufactured from high-tensile aluminium pressure die casting for maximum resistance to impact.
• Manual drum lock for an easy exchange of rope or for changing the attached load.
• The special spring-assembly inside the balancer guarantees a consistent counterbalance throughout the complete working range.
• Easy exchange of wire rope. A small slot in the body facilitates the removal and re-installation of the rope without any need to disassemble the unit.
• Spring assemblies as separate units in a closed steel housing for improved handling during assembly and disassembly. Reduced risk of injuries.
• Rope guide made of wear-resistant nylon for reduced wear of rope and body. Lifetime of the spring balancer is increased. The rope guide can be removed and installed on site without disassembling the rope.
• Load indicator allows easy reading of the capacity set.
• Upper and lower suspension eyes are provided for the attachment of secondary safety chains. Providing additional safety and preventing the spring balancer and load from falling accidentally.

Spot-welding guns, riveting-machines, slaughterhouse equipment, multiple nut-runners etc.