Yale HHC Hydraulic hoses

Durable but highly flexible thermoplast hydraulic hoses guarantee a very long life.
The 4-layer build-up includes 2 layers of high tensile steel fabric and robust fitting with 19 mm hexagon.
The volumetric expansion is very low. Hydraulic hoses model HHC are equipped with a male coupler half as standard.
Standard length are as per the chart below, further lengths or hoses with larger diameters are quoted on request.

Features & Benefits

How to order

Hydraulic hose for all standard combinations
(‒ pump ‒ hose ‒ cylinder ‒):
Order a standard hose with female coupler half model HHC-... (e.g. HHC-20).

Hydraulic hose for coupling connections on both sides (both ends with CMY-1):
Order a complete coupler CCY-1 in addition to a standard hose HHC-... (recommended for long hydraulic hoses).

Hydraulic extension hose
(one male coupler half, one female coupler half):
Order a female coupler half CFY-2 (inner thread) in addition to a standard hose model HHC-....

Hydraulic hose without any coupler parts (both ends with threaded nipples):
Order model HH-... (both ends 3/8-NPT outer).