ELECTROBAR® Elite Conductor Bar System
ELECTROBAR® Elite Conductor Bar System

ELECTROBAR® Elite Stromschienensystem

ELECTROBAR® Elite Conductor Bar System
ELECTROBAR® Elite Conductor Bar System

Magnetek ist stolz auf ELECTROBAR® Elite, unser fortschrittlichstes Stromschienensystem.

Eigenschaften und Vorteile

Magnetek proudly offers ELECTROBAR® Elite, our most advanced conductor bar system.  

The collector trolley and conductors are captured inside the line element extrusion and can't be disengaged. The collector trolley is advanced with a chain which tolerates large movements lateral to the direction of motion. The system is simple to install, with only one "stick" to hang and align.

Lower Total System Cost - Easy to Install and Maintain

  • Electrobar Elite reduces installation time when compared with traditional conductor bar systems. Maintenance requirements are minimized, providing lower installation and lifetime maintenance costs.  
  • System components are lightweight and rigid, allowing a single person to assemble the system.  
  • Line elements are easily slipped into the snap-in hangers, which mount with one threaded rod to the hanger bracket.  Joint covers, power feeds and end caps simply snap together over the line elements. Much of the assembly is done by hand, using a minimum number of tools.  
  • Line elements are connected with torque limiting bolts whose heads twist off when enough torque has been applied. This assures proper connection of conductors with smooth transitions from section to section for the collector brushes.  
  • Collector brushes are normally serviced by removing the trolley from the end of the system.The brushes are easy to remove and put back into the trolley, allowing a rapid return to service after maintenance. The collector assembly can only be put back into the line element in one orientation, preventing cross connecting power and ground.  

Maximum Versatility

  • Compact design allows installation in tight spaces where other systems will not fit. 
  • No expansion joints are required in systems under 460 feet. 
  • Low friction collectors ease movement of workstation bridge cranes. 
  • IP23 rated so it is finger safe and resistant to rain at up to a 60 degree angle from vertical. 
  • Rubber dust exclusion strips are available to minimize contamination of conductors through the line element trolley gap. 
  • High speed collectors available for speeds exceeding 325 fpm. High temperature line elements available for temperatures above 55°C to 75°C. 
  • Curved elements available with minimum 32" radius. 
  • Ventilated line elements prevent condensation build up. 
  • Trolley introduction gates ease maintenance of collector trolleys when three or more bridges are used on a single crane runway.