World War II Memorial

Location: Roseville. CA

Sculptor: Gene Chapman

Description: Designed and built by Gene Chapman, this massive monument, ( 9′ tall by 21′ wide ) was commissioned by Roseville Telephone Company. It is dedicated to the memory of the citizens from Roseville who served during World War II.
With nationwide television news coverage, it was unveiled with a full 21 gun salute with over a thousand people attending the ceremony which included a military helicopter flyover.

  • Facts: Royal Black Granite from Canada
  • Weighs over 10 tons
  • Base is 12″ thick; Walls are 6″ thick
  • Dimensions are 9′ high by 21′ wide
  • Comprised of 10 pieces; Has over 1,200 names.

“It was an emotional experience designing this very important monument,” says Gene Chapman. “Each name I engraved had a story to tell. It will leave a lasting memory for our future Roseville generations to witness true patriotism and sacrifice.”